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"At a time when you aren’t sure if anyone out there cares, having someone let you know that they are a listening ear and that they get it, can be a life changer on it’s own."

"I found out that we were having a baby the day before everything was shut down. The moment we waited for, would suddenly be changed drastically. I would miss my grandfather’s funeral, my husband would miss all the rest of my doctor’s appointments, and I became isolated at home. I knew what postpartum depression looked like because I had it after the birth of my first child (Although, I didn’t know that it was happening then until months later). This time, it started while I was still pregnant. I didn’t want pictures of myself, I didn’t want to celebrate, I just wanted it to be the end of the pregnancy. But even then, with a pandemic still at a high, there were many scary unknowns that lay ahead. I thought the depression would go away after the birth of my son, but unfortunately the actual birth was the only hour of joy I had. I constantly wondered why I wanted another child, and how I could ever think that it couldn’t be much harder than what I was already doing. But I struggled, like a fight to catch my breath every day for weeks after he was born. I kept telling myself that this too shall pass, and I just had to push through...

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