Birth Story Circle

First Tuesday of the Month

5-6ish pm

May 7, June 4, July 2, August 6, September 3, October 1, November 5, December 3

Led by Noni Fisher, FNTP & Birth Doula and Amy Bonnaffons

Whether you had your baby 5 years ago, 6 weeks ago, or you’re pregnant with your first, we’d love for you to join us for this monthly birth story circle. This informal circle will offer an opportunity for you to share your own story and listen to stories from fellow parents as well.

We will practice deep listening, giving each participant the opportunity to share their story without interruption. We believe that the simple act of sharing your birth story in community is powerful, transformative, and healing (and also, fun).

We welcome all types of birth stories--the ecstatic, the harrowing, and everything in between! That said, we are not trained counselors, and this is not a space specifically designed for processing trauma (if that’s what you are looking for, reBlossom does have a circle specifically for those who’ve experienced birth trauma, and Athens Parent Wellbeing can help you find mental health support. But we’d love to hear your story in our circle if sharing it would be healing or empowering for you.) You are also welcome to come and just listen! Non-birthing partners are welcome as well.

The circle will be led by local birth doula Noni Fisher and writer/educator Amy Bonnaffons--both new mamas themselves. We conceived of this circle as a way to build connection with other parents, and envision it as a sacred yet informal space for sharing some of the most intense and transformative experiences of our lives with others who’ve been there too. We are eager to create a space for birthing people to gather and engage in the ancient yet often neglected experience of birth storytelling.


Noni Fisher, FNTP, CD (DONA)

As a Functional Women’s Nutrition Practitioner and Birth Doula, Noni supports first-time mamas in the transition off of hormonal birth control all the way through conception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Through foundational nutrition and integrative doula support, she works with clients to shed overwhelm, gain clarity, and feel empowered in their journey to becoming mothers. Noni is currently at home with her baby boy spending most of her time on babywearing walks, surviving sleep regressions, and slowly adjusting to her new identity as Harry’s mom.

Amy Bonnaffons, PhD

Amy is a writer and educator living in Athens, GA. She is the author of two books of fiction and numerous articles and short stories. She holds a PhD from the University of Georgia in English and Women’s Studies and currently teaches Women’s and Gender Studies at Emory University, in addition to leading process-oriented creative writing workshops through and other venues. She’s currently working on a book about ancestry and motherhood, and being a mom to Jules (born in June 2023). You can find her at