Toysmith Road Trip Bingo

Toysmith’s Road Trip Bingo Game is available in 4 road-trip-inspired illustrations including desert, beach, city and mountains. Cards are either red, yellow, green, or blue with road-trip and environmental drawings. Each card holds 24 unique slots with one free spot in the middle. Slide the windows closed to mark a spot. An assortment of 72 sets come in a 6.89 x 7.28-inch multi-colored display case.

  • Age Grade: 3+
  • Product Dimensions/Weight: 6.61 L x 0.08 W x 9.45 H / 0.13 lb
  • Inner Pack Dimensions/Weight: 7.40 L x 7.90 W x 10.00 H / 11.00 lb
  • Made In: China
  • Batteries not required