Tip Toey Joey Originals Funky Toddler Sneakers - White

Tip Toey Joey shoes run very small. Please order one size larger than necessary.


Foot-shaped with in-built smart features to support the first steps


Funky is Tip Toey Joey's most beloved sneaker that has already worn thousands of feet all over the world. With elastic shoelaces that don't get untied, come back in each collection with new and playful colors.


• It has elastic laces that fit all feet shapes and do not untie

• Easy to put on, the original Stretch&Stay™ elastic heels gently hold the shoe in place


Originals are made out of extra soft material and the friction with rough surfaces such as outdoor flooring can wear it out prematurely. Clean only with a damp cloth and mild soap. Do not use water or bleach. Do not machine wash. Dry in the shade.

Each Tip Toey Joey shoe was proudly dreamed up, designed and crafted by a mom and dad in in Franca, Brazil. Using their own baby daughter's tiny delicate feet as the blueprint, each shoe is laced up around the same core design principles of comfort and protection. 


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