Let’s Talk Big Behavior Workshop

Sunday, April 16th from 2-3 pm

Do you ever feel like you are on an unending hamster wheel of intervening with your child’s challenging behaviors with little to no progress? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and burned out by constantly dealing with tantrums, meltdowns, and resistance from your child. If this resonates with your experience, this workshop is for you.

Let’s Talk Big Behavior will focus on understanding your child’s behavior through the lens of nervous system regulation and empower you as the caregiver with skills to really get to the heart of your child’s big behaviors while remaining the grounded, nurturing caregiver you want to be!

Goals for the workshop include:

  • Understanding behavior as an outward expression of an internal state (nervous system regulation).
  • Identifying factors that influence nervous system regulation.
  • Becoming aware of what you bring to the table in the caregiver-child relationship and during moments of challenging behaviors.
  • Practical, evidence-based tools for supporting children with big behaviors.

Child age demographic: 0-5 
Length of workshop: 1 hour

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About Katie Deans

Hello there! I'm Katie, and I am passionate about working with children and families, especially those who have experienced trauma. Because we are often hurt in relationships, I believe that relationships are also where we must go to find healing. As a counselor, I do my best to create a safe, healing relationship for each child, teen, and adult I see while also encouraging and empowering them to safely seek healing relationship in others, whether that be with a spouse, parent/caregiver, friend, or God. I have specific interest and training in working with foster and adoptive families and the precious children in their care.

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