Inno Baby Mitt Bath Scrubs - Pink

Features & details

  • Naturally Safe And Odor Resistant: Silicone doesn’t harbor odors as it's quick to dry, making it the perfect material for your new favorite shower scrubbie.
  • Quick To Dry: Silicone dries fast; simply shake to dry after each use and it will last you for years to come. You can also sterilize your mitt for a deep clean!
  • BPA Free: The Innobaby Silicone Massage Mitt is made of food-grade silicone, which means it isn’t filled with toxins like BPA, Phthalates, PVC, latex, and lead, giving you peace of mind to use even on your newborn baby.
  • Great For The Whole Family: The Innobaby Silicone Massage Mitt is safe and gentle to use on everyone from a newborn, to mom and dad, to the family dog! Gently exfoliates while promoting blood circulation, it is the best all-around scrubbie for everyone.
  • Versatile Thumhole: The double-sided thumbhole makes it easy and comfortable to switch between the bristle sizes for both left and right handed grips.
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