The Coloring Table Colorable Fabric Tablecloth - Celebration

Have you ever hosted an event with a wide age-range of guests and wished for an activity suitable for everyone?

Have you ever wanted an easy, mess-free craft with simple materials?

Have you ever wanted a creative activity for a special event that you could use, enjoy, and create a lasting memory with family or your community?

That’s why Megan Dove created The Coloring Table.  A genuine mom-trepreneur who started this creative journey in 2015.

This fabric is a Poly-cotton blend with a specialty backing that assures markers will not bleed through when coloring. It is a reusable, machine washable and wrinkle free fabric.

For washable option; this product is best used with Crayola Ultra Clean washable markers or Crayola Ultra Clean washable crayons. For a permanent keepsake; this product works best with Tulip fabric markers.

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