Bedtime Shadow Books - Up, Up, and Away

Let little ones wing their way to slumberland with this uplifting bedtime book! Simply shine the beam of a light (not included) through the page ''windows'' to cast pictures on the wall as you read simple rhymes about a kite's journey up, up, and away -- past birds, planes, clouds, and more. It's a fun and comforting way to end the day and experience a book together. Please note: for best results, use this shadow book with a small, single-bulb light source. A small pen light, other single-led light, or the light on the back of a smartphone is recommended. Multi-led flashlights are not recommended. If you have trouble getting a clear image, try moving your light closer to or farther away from the page.

Ages 3 to 9.

Sturdy covered wire-o hardcover binding

Book measures 6-3/8'' wide x 9'' high.

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