Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit

The Magic Sleepsuit® is an innovative swaddle transition product that provides babies with a cozy, calming, and safe sleep environment. The patented Magic Sleepsuit is designed for babies who are ready to transition from the swaddle, yet still need that cozy and contained feeling to aid in their sleep. The Magic Sleepsuit is designed to be used for back sleeping only in the crib.


The transition from swaddling is an important development in an infant’s life. The transition requires a delicate combination of time, patience, and the right tools. The Magic Sleepsuit is designed to provide your infant with the same warmth and support that comes from swaddling, with the added freedom to move arms and legs as your infant wishes. These innovative and life-changing sleepers are available in two soft and cozy variations: the cotton Magic Sleepsuit and the Microfleece Magic Sleepsuit.

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