Red, White & Blue

Red, White & Blue

Dear friends,

I think I can honestly say that this is the most difficult time in my life, and probably in all of our lives.

At home things might seem fine for a little while, if I focus on being mindful and parenting to the best of my ability I can try to filter out the emotional pain and anxiety I feel in our world, our community, and inside of me.

Not everyone has had a peaceful pandemic pause.

Some mamas & papas have lost their jobs or their hours have been cut.

Some families may now find themselves without health insurance and about to have a baby. We're still giving away items to families in need so please don't hesitate to send folks our way. We are also accepting donations of maternity, breastfeeding supplies, diapers, formula, and just about anything mama, baby & child.

Some families are relying on the wonderful Clarke County summer lunch drive-through programs at Chase Street Elementary & Hilsman Middle School, yay!

Thank Books for Keeps and all of the volunteers who disseminated books to children in our community!

Some, like me, find themselves working harder than normal to innovate and salvage their small businesses.

In addition, our country feels divided by politics, news media & social media.

How have we gotten to the point where every word we say to one another in the cybersphere is judged and that perception or judgement pigeon-holes that person into a box with a label?

We must move forward TOGETHER. We must LISTEN. We must not label. Humans don't fit into ONE box. One thought doesn’t define their whole being. I think the way forward is through dialogue and understanding.

If it weren't for this pandemic I'd invite you all to come chat in our living room at reBlossom!

Our first phase of reopening begins Sat. August 1. We will be open by appointment only, one family at a time. Need help finding maternity or nursing items? Need a tutorial on how to wear your baby? Need a socially-distanced car seat safety check? Need someone to chat with about your birth? Need breastfeeding support? Need some retail therapy? I'm in! Adults and their attached infants welcome (babies in carriers or in carseat/strollers). Toddlers and kiddos are welcome on the back porch only (think trying on shoes). Sign up for an appointment to shop here.

Liz & I will be wearing a mask & gloves and will be wiping down surfaces between customers.

I love you all! Stay safe, mentally & physically.