Fred's World Organic Cotton Stripe Beach Body Romper - Midnight

Super cute summersuit with short sleeves and short legs, perfect for the warm summer days.

Made in a stretch, high-quality fabric for a better fit, better movement, and longer durability.

95% organic GOTS certified cotton, 5% elastane


Clothes for our little ones must be smart and durable. And when the clothes are also made of organic cotton, environmentally-produced and free from harmful chemicals, it's even better for both parents and children.  Fred's World styles are designed with a Scandinavian approach to child development for active children who want to live life in practical but clever clothes. Clothing are GOTS certified - the strictest labelling on the market today. Rainwear is Oeko-Tex certified, and outerwear is Bluesign. 

GOTS standard

The GOTS label means that the material itself is certified organic, and that the strictest consideration for the environment has been taken in all other processes such as dyeing, knitting, and sewing. GOTS also takes into account the working conditions of those who produce the garments. 

Did you know that if it only reads "organic cotton" without an attached ecolabel, the dyeing and treatment of the cotton can still be full of harmful chemicals?

GOTS ensures an environmentally-friendly approach from start to finish, and provides a credible and proven guarantee that you are purchasing the most environmentally-friendly, chemical-free clothing for your children.



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