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Looking for a fast-drying all in one cloth diaper? Thirsties All in One dries 3x faster than Thirsties Duo All in One. The one-size AIO truly challenges the convenience and trim-fit of a disposable diaper.

  • One size fits most from 8lbs (newborn) to 40lbs (toddler potty training). Customizable the fit.
  • So easy. Goes on in one simple step. All in one cloth diapers couldn't be easier.
  • Absorbent. Microfiber terry means a trim fit with layers of wetness protection. 40% more absorbent than Duo All in One.
  • Waterproof. A waterproof outer layer plus gentle elastic around the legs and waist protect against leaks.
  • Stay-dry. A microfleece layer against the skin leaves baby feeling dry.
  • Stylish printsand solid colors.
  • Snaps. Snaps for indestructibility.
  • Made in USA.

Absorbency is the main concern for most parents. The built-in, 3-layer microfiber terry soaker absorbs 7x its weight in liquid. Since the soaker is sewn in on just one size at the top of the diaper, it's easy to add extra absorbent layers. Bonus: that also means super fast drying time as the diaper opens up in the dryer.

Who loves Thirsties AIO? Families, daycare facilities, grandma, and babysitters. Caretakers love AIO cloth diapers, and this easy diaper will be everyone's favorite.

Sizing: One size for 8-40lbs.
Closure: Snaps
Material: Inside liner = 100% polyestermicrofleece. Inside absorbency = 100% polyestermicrofleece. Inside Soaker = 100% polyester, 3 layers of microfiber terry topped with one layer of microfleece. Outside = 100% polyester with PUL(thermal polyurethane laminate coating).
Brand: Thirsties
Country of Origin: Made in USA

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