Brendan Stephens is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Athens native with over 10 years of professional experience across a number of settings with adolescents and adults. He brings a strengths based client-centered, interpersonal, and experiential approach to this work and enjoys incorporating nature, expressive arts, and other creative means to facilitate awareness, understanding, and healing. Brendan often operates from an internal family systems framework and is also trained in EMDR, both of which are trauma informed modalities that place an emphasis on reconnecting people with their own innate wisdom and resources.

Brendan understands that people can only be challenged to the degree that they are also supported. He spends a lot of time supporting and challenging people working through difficulties related to anxiety, anger, depression, reactivity, purpose, and sense of self. Brendan seeks to help you clarify what you want for yourself, your relationships, and your roles and will work with you to identify what might be getting in the way of these visions. In creating a safe space to express and better understand these elements, tension is released, and different choices can be made that break old patterns and lead to meaningful change.

Brendan is grateful to be a part of this initiative and welcomes the opportunity to support those going through the adjustments, pressures, and challenges that partnering and parenting bring