It is my pleasure to help clients in their healing journeys. I have an Associate License in counseling years of experience treating couples and families affected by various Mental Health Diagnoses. Furthermore, I have a passion to make a difference in my profession as I am a Ph.D. Candidate for Counselor Education and Supervision. My mission is to motivate and inspire clients to eradicate fear and live in freedom. I believe that building a therapeutic rapport with clients is essential to their healing process. I consider all my clients to be the experts of their lives and encourage them to stand firm in their power.

I am also committed to helping my clients develop balance during transitions. As we earn more opportunities in life, we often face imposter syndrome and feel inadequate to achieve in our new life role. These transitions may include obtaining a new job, moving to another state, ending or starting a relationship, getting married, and parenthood. Importantly, I have training in Perinatal Mental Health to counsel mothers and families in dealing with the challenges of welcoming a new baby.

I use a Person-Centered therapeutic approach in guiding my clients in leading fulfilling lives. Additionally, I am trained in EMDR treatment, which allows clients to heal from trauma through bilateral stimulation. I often give my clients homework to ensure they continue the healing process and take care of themselves outside of the session. I specialize in providing treatment for individuals with PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Depression, low self-esteem, and Adjustment disorders. My interest area is women who have been affected by sexual assault, miscarriage, and grief. As a therapist, I strive to be a catalyst for healing in difficult life experiences that alter a person’s sense of trust in the world.

Jasmin only sees clients via telehealth.