We believe all who birth should have access to the supportive care of a doula for their birth and postpartum period. Athens Parent Wellbeing offers scholarships to families currently in our peer support and therapy programs who could use the services of a doula.

You can read more about our doulas below. We would greatly appreciate your support to be able to provide these gifts to more birthing families or those needing help after baby arrives.

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Cundy is a Somatic Therapist and a Wellness Advocate.  Her private studio and office is located in a retreat-like, wooded setting in Watkinsville. It is there that she coaches and guides her clients in movement, mindful breathing, yoga, journaling practices and wellness in regards to deep rest, nutrition and what it means to live an embodied life.  She also supports people in developing a daily sitting meditation practice with instruction that is grounded in over 25 years of experience in meditation and contemplative practices.  


Susan loved being pregnant, educating herself & was keenly aware of the new life growing inside of her. With her second pregnancy, she was carrying twins and one baby died at about 16 weeks, it was traumatic.

Susan's babies took to the breast with minimal amount of fanfare and nursed when and for as long as they desired. She has often said, she was never happier than when she had a baby at the breast.

Nobody made too much of her postpartum period. Susan's mother came weeks 3 and 4 and cooked but there wasn't much attention given to the fact that she had just given birth. It was kind of a let down except that they were so enthralled with their babies. Susan sought out other mothers early on & created a support system for herself.


Tiffany Reed is a certified labor doula that is passionate about serving mothers and helping to bring life into the world. Tiffany treats every client with the love and care that they deserve and will assist in any way that she can to make her clients as comfortable as possible. Evert client is welcomed with open arms, prayer and is made a priority from the start of the process until the end. Every mother is treated equal and given a chance to have an optimal natural birth. Tiffany also believes in giving the dad’s support as well and empowering them to be emotionally present for their wives. Every birth is a miracle and I want to be a part of your birth story.


Hi my name is Erika. I am originally from Peru, but Athens became the place that I call home in October, 2005. I married my high school sweetheart in February, 2009 and we are blessed to have two kids- Daniela (November, 2011) & Lucas (January, 2019). After arriving in Athens, I graduated from Clarke Central High School (May, 2008). I have had the opportunity to work different roles within the Clarke County School District since July, 2010. I have always taken positions where I could best serve the people who need help the most. I love to listen to music, dance, drink coffee, and treat myself to the occasional milkshake from Chick-fil-A.